Web programming 

Web programming can be anything from a single page website to a full productivity tool or e-commerce site.  We offer a number of options to improve your web presence.  Basic sites are even free for charities.  One of the key advantages of using See The Spark is that our sites are modular and can grow with your needs.
Pages usually have a mixture of content pre-configured by a developer and sections you can modify yourself should you choose to.
Basic websites start at £300 + VAT for a few pages.  These pages will work well on mobiles and desktops.  Hosting for 1 year and a .co.uk domain name are included.  Note that fair usage limits apply but only the highest traffic sites would reach these.  
More complex sites are charged for creation and then a per byte charge for service access.
Behind the scenes we have a suite of web services which run all of our web sites.  If you have a particular need you can access these services directly from other systems.  This service approach also allows our sites so scale well.